Fake emotions

So today I realized something quite special. I am a huge fan of zodiac signs and the four elements. They are fire, earth, air and water. I am a libra sign and that means I am air. The air represents having a bit of “airy” personality, dreamy with the head in the clouds. It means that I experience the world more from my head, my mind. I can feel something very deeply but often I’m more sad or excited about an idea, more than the actual thing.

So appearently I have been locking all my feelings inside and what I show is just somekind of copy of my real feeling. Or at least thats what I think about it now. I was trying to relive some feelings and it just seemed impossible. I opened myself up as much as I could to try to find these feelings. They were somewhere deep down. I managed to get a little glimpse of them and it brought me to tears. After this experience I felt everything stronger and I was more assure of myself in public. I let myself smile or laugh at something funny or look at people and their emition. It was quite interesting seeing the world from this perspective and I plan on continue going in this direction.


Peace and love,

Red Woman


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